Reasons to stop pirating things


Pirating games, movies, or music has been around since when you can record, buy movies, and download them. Here are some reasons why pirating is bad, and can be DANGEROUS!

  1. The good people get hard work for money.
    You may hear why pirating is bad, because it’s bad to game developers, movie studios, or song compositors. Because they put time and money, into their work, but they need to get a source of income for the work that they made. People that pirate the game, is either paying the crack zip leaker or don’t pay at all.

  2. The computer got the flu!
    Computer Virus has been with us since the internet was born! Crazy right? Yeah right! When you download a crack version of a game, movie, or music, we don’t know if the file has a virus! Sometimes the virus may be deadly! Even the antivirus program says “it’s okay”, it’s best to say no.

Let’s come to think it, the reason a lot of people download a crack version of the game, movie, or music because they think to get away, maybe because they are broke, or don’t want to waste money. For a lot of us, let face it, we may have pirated something, I pirated some indie games when I was 7! (I guess I learn my lesson.) If you pirated something, don’t be ashamed, but if you keep pirating games, movies, or music, "stop it, get some help"


I think it is a very sensitive topic to discuss on. There are certain circumstances that make anybody to do this. It is true or right that we don’t need to download the pirated version of games or movies. On the other hand, a pirated version also includes a virus that harms our system. But if it comes to a game, then I think there are various ways by which One can get video game series easily. Well, I also like to play a video game like COD, GTA 5, Destiny 2, etc. in my meantime. All these are the shooter video game that can be played on the various different platforms like PC, PS, Xbox, etc. One can also click here to have a favorite video game series easily if interested in playing a game. I know the importance of playing a game for game lovers. Previously, all of my friends used to play their game in an online team, they all inspired me to have the game. I simply used to play my game on the PC as it is compatible to play any type of video game.


Thank you for understanding, I think it’s a problem to deal with for game developers, but they’re treating this like a disaster. Feeling to upset the pirates, but most the pirates out there are trying out the game before they do it, but if the devs put punishments will make them not even buying it. Also, with all these punishments can lead to people with legal copies to have them. It’s one big problem, but I think is a good idea is to make pirated copies like a demo, so pirates don’t get the full game, but they won’t see the game like it’s going to punish them for supporting.