Question about GDT in regards to Windows Store


Hey could someone please answer this question because I have had users on YouTube wanting to know how to install mods for GDT via the Windows Store.

Want I want to know is that if I install the trial version of GDT via the Windows Store will it be the same as the full game in regards with directory files of Game Dev Tycoon?

Please read the second paragraph twice so you understand what im saying!


Heya @snowyterrorgami

Modding is not available via the Windows Store. We would suggest Windows Store owners grab their free steam key and give Steam a whirl :wink:


right I understand @Charlie so I should recommend those asking of how to install mods for Windows Store version to get their free Steam Key, where would they get there Steam Key?


Direct them to the FAQ

Steam key info specifically for window 8 Store users is right at the top so they can’t miss it :smile:

If you purchased from the Windows Store for Windows 8

If you are using the Windows Store edition then you will need to claim the key from within the game. We have updated the game to have a ‘Get Steam key’ button in the menu so you have to make sure that the game is up to date before you try claiming your key. To show the menu in the Windows Store edition, you have to either right-click or, if you use touch, then swipe from the bottom of the screen to bring up the menu. If your game is up to date but you cannot see the button please reinstall the app via the user control area of the Windows Store.