Question about development stages


Does not adding “save game” or “save to cloud” feature in development stage 1 effects anything, i mean i dont remember any negative effects but it also dont make any sense to not having save feature in a AAA game.


I always just add everything, I doubt it it matters, even AAAMMO games probably have singleplayer, no need to do that online.


nono, lets say im making medium or a large game and i dont have the room for it, will it hurt the score?


Not adding a feature doesn’t hurt score, however removing features that were present in the previous game you made ( taken you make games with same development focus ) will result in a lower T&D production,

If on the right side ( where engine features are ) a % appears it means that there isn’t enough room to implement those features fully, thus will result in a lower T&D production and lower score.


Hmm thank you. Also speaking of percents, lets say its just 99% or 96% will it change anything? or making someone work with 101% or 109%? will it prevent me from getting a 10 overall? also does “good managment bonus” changes score?


96% has more negative impact than 99% obviously. 99% is of course a very minimal “penalty”.

Same goes for overloading your staff, a little bit doesn’t matter that much, if you are able to compensate with good training you can get a overall 10.
From experience, I never had to get my engine feature percentage get in the way.
Every Genre, including Multi-Genre only have three Development Focus that are very important.
For all the other, sliders can be used with a lot of flexibility.
Slider settings as mention on wiki are way to static and don’t allow for flexible settings.

Making an Action/RPG game, which has according to game tips has the following Development Focus.
Stage I

  • Engine ++
  • Gameplay ++
  • Story/Quest -

Stage II

  • Dialogues - -
  • Level Design ++
  • Artificial Intelligence ++

Stage III

  • World Design ++
  • Graphic +++
  • Sound ++

Now only Graphic is marked as very important, but all other are max ++ ( Important )
This means you can make changes more easily with all the other.
For Action/RPG only Dialogues is marked as not important, these slider basically should be as low as possible.

Simple rule to follow when dealing with sliders. Is having +++ always all the way up, have ++ between 25ish% and 75ish% of slider bar. - Could be anywhere as long as it doesn’t interfere with +++ or ++
and should never exceed 20% development focus.

When I play I use a mod by Sireverard aka Chad Keating that shows percentage on bottom bar called Percentager.
It’s not a required mod, but I like to have some actual data when testing things in-game.

Good management only counts for bonus exp to get new features faster.


Gotcha, thanks for the detailed explanation. I think i just need to calm down and not get crazy when i saw the percentages.
Also you said that

So lets say i had a feature that cost 30k and i removed it for a completely different 90k one will that still hurt?

Also what does the level on world design or sound or etc. changes?


Exchanging a “cheap” feature for a more “expensive” one will not result in penalty, because you added more “value”.

Also what does the level on world design or sound or etc. changes?
Don’t understand what you mean with this.


Like, you know when you finished a game you gain exp and numerous things level up, im asking what does these do (not the stuff i know what happens when they lvl up).


Apart from unlocking features and level up staff, it doesn’t do anything else.


Ok thanks.


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