Portable Consoles

Now I don’t know if someone else has brought this up but handheld consoles would be interesting to add to the game. while your home console is selling you can make a handheld to. you could customize it to be able to connect to the internet. your other console. you can make games for both of your consoles. you can set how powerful it is which affects how portable it is. like a super advanced handheld might be on the big side. BUT! it shouldn’t be reserved to just a handheld! you can make smaller versions of your previous consoles!
Ex. You made the Awesome System and it’s sales were HUGE!! but after you made your next console you should be able to make a smaller version better fit for travel. So while your fans are at G3 they can play their favourite Awesome System games while your next console will be in development.
But back to handhelds. making it would be similar to consoles. you can choose for your games to be able to do special features with your console. like exclusive content only able to be done when the handheld is connected to the console. so i think this would actually do well in the game it just probably needs more thought put into it to make it even better. what do you think?


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