New Content ($10,680,321,677,372,960M in cash)

Game Dev Tycoon used to be a front page game on Twitch.Tv because it was a novel concept. Now that people have put in the hours to beat the game, the end game content is limited. I still enjoy it but the amount of hours I put in the game has drastically declined.

I understand that fans can’t expect new things to happen every month after release.

I’m probably in that 99th percentile in terms of cash flow and understanding of what continues to produce cash.

I currently have $10,680,321,677,372,960M in cash. At least I refreshed my memory of what comes after a billion!

I would love to be able to put this cash into use. Perhaps a roll-over to new content? Would simplistic marketing plans to encourage continuous gameplay be feasible? For example, top 5 players to have cash by x date will receive y prize (could be anything from new skins to a simple email from the developers saying “congrats”).

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