Multi-console releases and second party development

(Dull title, sorry :stuck_out_tongue: )

Two ideas that popped into my head…

  1. Allow a game to be developed for more than one platform at a time.
    The development cost would be more than developing for each console individually i.e. developing a game for PC and G64 might cost 50k.
    This extra amount of money could be for porting to another console or the extra labour for developing two pieces of code at the same time.
    Porting would be cheaper but would produce an inferior copy, whereas developing two pieces of code at the same time would take longer and cost more, but the two pieces of code should be as good as each other, also allowing you to edit the code slightly to take advantage of the increased graphical power of one console or the motion controls of another… (anyone want to expand on what the extra money could be for?)

  2. Allowing your company to sign deals with hardware makers to develop games for their consoles (like Game Freak for Nintendo). The deals could be based over a few years and the deals could force you to develop for the company who contracted you only or you could still be free to develop for other consoles, depending on what was in the contract you signed.



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