More Consoles to chose from

At first, thank you for creating this game, i have enjoyed it greatly, but during play. i felt like something was missing. after puting the game down, and looking trough my own collection, i finaly noticed what it is. the ammounth of consoles to develop for.

The consoles/systems we can develop from are some of the more famous ones. but right from the start i was (Probarly) missing the atari 2600. as well as some of the less famous intelvision, collevision, Philips Videopac, Virtualboy. just to name a few.

now i know that adding more would take a lot of time(if not rebalancing a lot of thing) but for instance the atari 2600 (as well as its next consoles) got at least ‘some’ history (with the Atari Lyx being a handheld like the Sega’s Gamegear and the Nintendo Gameboy) while some of these others have faded into obscurity long ago.

My idea is basicaly. adding more consoles to the timeline. Even if many of them failed to even make a “lasting” impression. i could see people try to do a “failed/short term console only” runs. (i know i will try one ( :slight_smile: ) ) and secondly it adds a bit of a chalenge to newer players.

anyway, that’s the end of my idea. ideas, and constructive critisism are very welcome ( :slight_smile: )


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