Missing Consoles / Handhelds!


Well hello…

First of all: I LOVED YOU GAME!
But: I got very disappointed in one point: Missing Consoles.

Second: Many Nintendo console / handhelds:

The big “Gameboy Advance” (June 2001)
After the Nintendo “GS” (DS) there should be the “DS Lite” (June 2006). You should implement this when you do the “Sony - Nintendo” story too.
Big disappointment: The Nintendo 3DS (My idea: 3GS). It was a big step for Nintendo. (March 2011).
The 2DS (2GS) was then released October 2013.

AND: The New 3DS will come out in 2015 / 2016 (Australia gets it 2015).

I beg you to implement these consoles!
And as you added the “grApple” and some other phones, you should also make a “sequel” of them… Please ._.

Many fans of Game Dev think the same as me… And as in the game: The fans want a patch! Select it on the action list and don’t wait too long ;).

Well, thank you for your attention

PS: Sorry for my bad English but I’m from Germany.


There are mods for that kind of stuff!


But these are LEGIT HANDHELDS. So why a mod when they should be in the normal game without mods?


Cool are there mods for making custom handhelds


Ya but mobile players can’t get mods