Many new Unique and Interesting Ideas

Hey guys, here are some ideas I thought would be very nice to have in game. First off, expand the story as much as possible. More buildings, more employees, let us go global. Give feed back, I’d love to hear!

#1 Multiplayer. Play with, and against friends. Create lobbies, set parameters, and select modes:
-Versus 1v1(Standard death match.)
-Teams 2+v2+(2+ players per team)
-Cooperative mode(Everyone vs the NPC, difficulty increases with number of players.)

#2 Modes. Let me pick which mode I play in.
-Story Mode (default game, single player)
-Big Business Mode (Start farther ahead in the game, 1 million dollars, however the NPC is more advanced.)
-Time Crunch(Sped up x2, x5, x10)
-Marathon(Slowed x2, x5, x10)

#3 Chapter Select, where in the game you start. (Success not guaranteed)
-Chapter 1: Garage
-Chapter 2: Office
-Chapter 3: Building Complex
-Chapter 4: Corporate Office
-Chapter 5: Enterprise

#4 Partnerships & Reputations
-Allow you to attempt to team up with another company (NPC)
-Your reputation is based on success, ie fans, money, game history
-You may attempt to reach out to a company, and they may reach out to you.

  • Discounts/Free when using their console
    -You both win/suffer together
    -Using other consoles lowers your reputation
    -If your partner fails you may fail too, so pick wisely
    -Declining/Accepting certain partnerships will earn you friends and enemies

#5 Employee levels
-Add managers to help contain other employees
-Add CTO, CFO, etc. All cost money but can advise you very well.
-Board of directors, etc. All help you expand, and manage.

#6 Pay random people to test games, get better feed back before releasing a game.
-Let people tell you what they’re feeling
-More response from the media

#7 Start a foundation for gaming
-Upon reaching high success you can create a gaming union, somewhat like G3 but you’re in control.
-Bring in large revenue, attract fans, help develop new games.

#8 Next gen gaming
-Go to futuristic technologies, expand much more than before on your own console

#9 More customization in game making
-New bars to adjust:
-1: Game length/playtime
-2:Difficulty/Skill needed
-3:Previous knowledge of other games needed
-4:Hardcore investment in playing

#10 Fees/Misc
-Monthly fee or not
-Major DLCs
-Backwards compatability
-Pay to Win


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