List of Game Ideas

I liked Game Dev Tycoon, it’s a great game in fact. However, there is still much room for improvements, so here is some of my ideas for the game:

  1. Multi-Platform release: Most games are released on more than 1 console, so this can make it more realistic. The catch is that it would take a longer time before release because you need to port the game for the other console.
  2. More Genres: 6 main game genres is abit… bland, there should be sub-genres like FPS, TPS, Beat 'em Up, Hack and Slash, Platformers, Stealth etc. It’s hard to define a game just by looking at which genres it is. For Example: An Military-Action game(Call of Duty). Okay, I can see it’s an action game, but is it a FPS or a platformer?
  3. Missing Console: Vena have a missing console, where’s the Sega Saturn based-on console? Vena Jupiter? Vena Neptune? Where is Vena’s 5th generation console? And I think the name and the visuals for the Mbox Next can be changed to Mbox One already.
    Those are just some of my ideas.

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