Level 2 (Around the N64) decision trouble

I love Game Dev Tycoon so far, but I am really stuck on level 2.
Around the announcement of the N64, I get trouble with making good rated games while I do the same as before.
I wonder if there is a huge requirement for the new generation of consoles or if I do something else wrong.
Okay, so after each game I train my 2 team members.
One is better is design and the other is better in technology.
I suppose my problem is because of the engine I use: do you ‘need’ a specific level of 2D/3D?
I try to publish 2D V3 games which doesnt really work, even if I adapt the good genre combination ect.
Now, is it perhaps a requirement to have a good 3D engine?
Before the N64, I mostly make 2D games because it seems more logical because of the technology at that time.

So, in short, can someone please give me tips regarding when to make decisions like a new engine, training, extra members, and other sized games?


Howdy, there’s already some threads about the balance, and one has a reply from Patrick, one of the developers with some tips on how to be more successful. If you would like, please continue your discussion there, so we can have one consolidated thread about these issues.


There is also a wiki which contains some information about the sliders and good combinations, found at http://gamedevtycoon.wikia.com/wiki/Game_Development. Please note that the wiki is not maintained by the developers, and threads asking questions about it will be closed. There is a commenting system there as well if you’re confused by something posted there.

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