Learning To Code

Hey does anyone know a free engine I can get for coding and if their are tutorials that teach you how to use it from scratch? I have never coded before by the way.

but if you want a game engine that is easy to learn, try Clickteam Fusion 2.5. The free version works just fine, and I’m actually trying to learn it myself!

Unity 3D
Scratch is very good for beginners. Do not underestimate Scratch.

Start with Java or C++ - you will thank yourself for starting with object oriented later. Stick to simple stuff until you get the basics down - trying to do a MMO is NOT going to work for an early project :wink:

I like going through Java-related questions on CodeReview and StackExchange to see how others solve problems, it often inspires my approaches even to unrelated problems. Stay away from the Code Golf challenges though, they are ridiculous and generally examples of extremely poor code.

Find programming challenges and try to complete them without “cheating” by looking at others solutions. Then look at their solutions, see how you can change yours. There are tons available.

Once you have your basics down see where your interest lies - for me for several years it was building web apps and plugins, and I got good at it. Execution time, efficient storage, and code re-usability were key there. Now I’m moving on to phone / tablet apps, and enjoying the new challenges.

Are you kidding? C++ is WAY to advanced to begin with. If you’re a beginner, start with Java/HTML/CSS.

SCRATCH Start with Java or C# (They are very identical languages!)