Ideas n' Stuffs

Hello Greenheart Games,

I’m a huge fan of your game called “Game Dev Tycoon” and I wanted to suggest some ideas in the game. Because I liked to see some improvements into the game and updates.

The ideas are:

-Company Logo

-Console sequels


-Update The Consoles

1.The Company Logo
-The company logo shows your trademark in the game. as usual, many game companies have logos.

2.Console sequels
-The Console sequels are just like the game sequels but in lists. I know it’s already created but please, Update them and make them nice.

The Multi-Topics it’s just like the genre but it’s Topics. this lets you choose if the game has two topics.

Name: Zombie outbreak
Topic: Military/Apocalyptic-post
Genre: Action/Simulation

4.Update the consoles
This idea adds all the new consoles in our era.

3DS, Xbox one, Ouya, PSvita, Iphone5

I hope you liked it! I have a lot of suggestion to add but it’s too long. and also you can reply if you liked it!
and also I hope apply this in the next updates or DLC. and also don’t stop this nice game.

                                                                                      your fan, Momo_Mccloud 

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