Ideas For Sequel - PART 1 - Introduction, and starting

Dear Greenheart Games,

I am here today to suggest some ideas in a sequel game to the wonderful game you’ve previously made named “Game Dev Tycoon”. If you do make a second game (which I REALLY hope you do, as I bought this game the first moment I saw videos on youtube) I would love it if you could take any of the suggestions in this thread.
Before I begin, may I please ask for no flame wars in the replys, I love constructive criticism, as it helps me write better threads, but I beg for no “Lolz dis ideas suckz, get off dah interwebz” please. I would love “I wouldn’t reccomend this idea because…”

Right, now to the purpose of this thread, the suggestions!

I would like to start with the main screen, and work my way in.

The screen is mediocre for me, it’s simple, which I love, but it needs more than the “welcome”, and the logo. How about a settings button, maybe even (if possible) the possibility to have more than one game at a time? If so, that would be lovely!

Once you get the company name, the settings button on the top left corner needs more additions. I, to start with, would like a longer game, I understand that you can continue after you’ve finished, but I personally think it’s a bit too short for some players. How about these times:

1. 30 Years (Quick Game) - For those who want a challenge to get as far as possible in the least amount of time. *

2. 50 Years (Normal Game) - For the average player who doesn’t want to be rushed. *

3. 100 Years (Long Game) - For the slow player who likes to take the game slow and steady. *

Next, I would like to see a change in the tutorial, just a slight change, but it needs to be added - instead of being forced at the start, you can skip it. If the player needs help, they can still use the help given.

My next suggestion is a request for multiplayer. If this was possible, just imagine the possibilities!

You, a friend try to battle it out in different garages, offices, ect… So the over player has to go bankrupt, or they try to get a game with all 10s, ect…
Basically, I am just saying multiplayer would be awesome.

I have some game mode ideas too:

1. Bankruptcy, an unlimited length match until one player goes bankrupt. *

2. The best game (easy version) An unlimited length match until one player creates a game that gets an average score of 9.75 - Good for a quick game as this can be achieved in the office. *

3. The best game (hard version) A timed trial of either the 30, 50, 100 year length or until a player gets the average score of 9.75 - Good for those who like being timed, and a bit of extra competition! *

4. The top selling game, just like the game modes “The Best Game” players try to make the best selling game in under 30, 50, 100 years, or until one player makes over 50 MILLION in 1 game! Seems impossible? My friend did it. *

5. The highest skyscraper. Again, like the “The Best Game”, players try to get to the skyscraper as quickly as possible in under 30, 50 or 100 years. If no player completes it, then the money at the given time of the two players is compared, and the player with the highest amount of money is the winner! :smile: *

( * - Of course, the longer the game length is, the more spread out researches and consoles are to be unlocked. For example, the first console available - TES, can only be unlocked after 5 - 10 years? The G64 Will go out after 12 years into the game, ect for the rest of the consoles…)

Overall, the TL;DR viewers, here’s a summary:

  1. We need multiplayer in the next game, it’s awesome.
  2. We could have different game modes.
  3. I feel like we need longer games.
  4. More detail on the opening screen.

That’s it.


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