Ideas for Game Dev Tycoon

Okay here’s some of of my ideas for a sequel or updates (sorry for my terrible english, hope you don’t mind)

  • Adding a company logo and the ability to customize it
  • Having a mascot for a game and if your fans like the game, they would definitely like the mascot too. When they like the mascot, they cosplay it, they make artwork of it and other things fans in real life does. The mascots appear in the convention also.
  • Customizing the office, the booth in the convention that improves how the employees work and how slow the bar decreases beside them and how more fans will attend the convention
  • More random events
  • More options while making a game, like the setting of the game and the mood of the game etc.
  • More research options
  • Customizing how the game disc and the case looks
  • Rival companies that create their own games and competes with you. To make it more fun, you both start inside a garage and the rival company will go to other stages too.
  • And lastly, how about some ingame settings like lowering the quality to have more fps

Thanks for reading and I apologize for my poor english… Love the game, keep it up Greenheart Games :smiley:

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