I really don't get it

This happen alot in real life indies vs AAA company.

It’s not really about the scores of Technology and Design, the clue to get high scores is matching topics/genres. These already give high scores, and design/technology will add your score up.

It frustrates me sometimes as well.

The ‘Problem’ is once you hit the first office and get out of the garage medium sized games are unlocked for all other companies. You don’t need to have the first employee to be able to research medium games for this.
Therefore the reviews take this into account.

Once YOU hit 3 employees and are able to research large games, this is unlocked for the other companies and the same takes place.

That’s why many gamers stay as long as possible in the garage to keep the small games profitable.

Tip :
Work on your fanbase. Fans are way more important than reviews for good sales record. You can hit perfect 10 rated games as much as you like. With 2000 fans and thus too less hype you won’t sell this game as well as a 3 rated game with a million fans.

Also, before researching medium games you should create a new Game Engine with the lastest technology, or your games will be old in comparision with the competition in that market. I had this problem in my first playthrough, but all went better when I tried upgrading before a medium game.

Thanks mate!

But, i didn’t get any option for large games when I had 4 employees. Did i do something wrong?

Found in: Game Balance Mega-Thread

The developer offered some tips on how to maintain success moving from the Garage to the Medium Office.

Thanks Joshua bit I already do whatever Patrick proposed :slight_smile:

Some personal experience:
High reviews and low sales indicate low fan base or unskilled employees.
Low reviews and low sales indicate any number of bad factors working together.

Check out the wiki, it has a very good game developement page full of charts and combinations that work very well. The wiki also has insights regarding reviews and other factors that aren’t specific to the actual game design but affect things like review scores and sales numbers.


Yeah I am a constant visitor of the wiki

It seems like that the problem was that I wasn’t taking any publisher deals and had a small fan base. Thanks!

That wiki is under heavy edit by contributor-wannabes. I’m saying this, because I know so. Everyone edits something because they didn’t get the same result.

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Look at Minecraft, it is possible.

I agree. It’s not yet safe to truly follow the guidelines of the wiki. Some of them are really WAY wrong

The era we are talking about is the GameBoy and even earlier era. If you had a million dollars to make a company, nothing would destroy you.

You don’t get the option for Large games until you move to the larger office (Stage 3).

Don’t forget that the wiki is NOT official, and that the Devs may decide to radically change part of the game in the name of balance,

did you get the pirated copy or the payed copy, if you got the pirated version of the game you will never get far in the first office building.

Do you really think I would write into this forum if I had a pirated copy? But on a serious note my problem is more of that I dont get high scores and therefore I always have low sales.

it all depends on your fanbase. with shitty scores like 2 or 3 out of 10 I still get millions of copies sold but the downside is you lose a lot of fanbase when you have a crappy game published (they buy anyway)

After the advices of people here, I am now at third office with some billions.

There are some things you have to do:

  • Go at office 2 when you have 10 million from the garage.
  • For each 5 million dollars, spend 2 millionto hire someone. So if you have 10 million, spend 4 million to get 2 guys.
  • Have a team of 2 good designers 2 good developers
  • Do not publish games on your own. Try to find some good publishing deals and take those instead. That will surely boost your fan base.
  • Once you go around 150k fans it’s easy to make sales on a medium game and when you hit 250k-350k making a large game is piece of cake.

I’m in a Small Office and I got Large games, you get the Option as soon as you get 4 people hired.