How would you get changing platform images over time?


I am currently working on a new mod and I want one of my platforms image to change overtime, like the PC. I’ve looked through the games code and found nothing. Does anyone know?


I really don’t know. But what you could do, is if you have the Microsoft thingy that makes files visible in code and you know how to code or at least what code things mean than you could look through that. Otherwise idk cause I only know HTML5.


You could hijack the Platform.getPlatformImage function, then intercept based on your id and return a image url related to the current date.

The actual code of that platform is as follows

Platforms.getPlatformImage = function (platform, week) {
		if (platform.iconUri)
			return platform.iconUri;
		var baseUri = earlyPlatforms.indexOf(platform) != -1 ? './images/platforms' : './images/platforms/superb';
		var image = null;
		if (week && platform.imageDates) {
			for (var i = 0; i < platform.imageDates.length; i++) {
				if (General.getWeekFromDateString(platform.imageDates[i]) <= week) {
					if (i === 0) {
						image = '{0}/{1}.png'.format(baseUri,;
					} else {
						if ( === 'PC') {
							//hack: special case for PC where first icon is in normal folder but subsequent icons are in superb folder.
							baseUri = './images/platforms/superb';
						image = '{0}/{1}{2}.png'.format(baseUri,, '-' + (i + 1));
		if (image === null)
			return '{0}/{1}.png'.format(baseUri,;
		return image;

I’m just posting this so you can understand how the method works, please don’t include that code in your mod as it’s part of the base game.