How do i add mods on non-steam version?




Hi i have same problem please say where did you look to run mods thanks.


I cant seem to find the Mods Folder, Yet i have the GameDevTycoon.exe and icon-full.ico and 4 aplication extentions and a nw.pak file


i cant find the mods folder either where did you find it on windows 8


what does your gdt folder look like?


i have the exact same one. Does anyone know how to do it?


Could you send me a picture of what your mods folder looks like?



Are you running the Windows Store version by any chance?


nope. got it from this video.


If you want to install mods then maybe you should buy it then instead of pirating it…


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Anyway, back on topic, mods to not work on pirated versions of the game, so you’d need to buy the game


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