Games under 25.5 GB?


Yes they are.
They’re both EA.


I mean, look at this:

And this:

Do you see some things that are the same? Because I do:

  1. In The Sims, you can travel to another location by pressing a bubble. In Spore, you can travel to another location by pressing a bubble/Solar System.
  2. The Sims and Spore have an editor.
  3. Relationships in Spore work (almost) the same as in relationships in The Sims.
  4. In Spore you have Sporedollars, the icon is almost the same icon as the Simillions in The Sims.

See? Four reasons that The Sims and Spore are connected :wink:


I know!
And the graphics look the same.


The Sims 3 is made on ‘The Sims 3’ engine.
And Spore is made on a modified version of the ‘EAGL’ engine.

But I think both of the engine share the same Shader code.

Spore actually belongs to Maxis, but EA bought Maxis and they turned Spore and the Spore Support to shait.


That’s very true!


Decent graphic cards aren’t too expensive any more(compared to what they used to be), That’s the 750TI anyways.

Although, looking at the Intel HD graphics, it doesn’t seem too bad at all


With 200+ addons my gMod folder is 24.6GB, but I remember having over 35GB used by it…

But the vanilla game is like 1 - 1.7GB.


My GMod folder is currently - begrudgingly - 43 GB. Eh.


Mine is 15,4 GB. Because i don’t play Gmod anymore, the fun of Gmod is gone. And i get motion sickness while playing Gmod. Also when i play Gmod with my brother, he always detonate’s an atom bomb and i can’t stand all those sharp graphics. It sounds weird but it’s a true story.


Way too much nekos, m8.



you still only play TTT, so wut


Can’t play TF2 without lagging because of Graphics Card facepalm


Do I win? :smiley:


Now I wonder how many space left you have on your drive…


Yea I got some admin to do :frowning:


I really need to get an actual desktop.


You should move some data from C to D. Ideally you want to keep your C drive with 1/3 free space to allow apps to work correctly otherwise you may experience random crashes and other weirdness.


I know, I’ve been meaning to get it cleaned out since forever. Just had no time of doing it.


I know the feels… My system drive should only be 1/3 full…


great resolution

@Charlie I smell your hax takes up much space


Me? hax never! :wink: