[Game Concept] null website tycoon

looking for help to make it where random company’s ask you to make there website and host and random events like ddos attack and more. we need some coders am happy with ant java or more we just need coders ty am back life busy a will add this soon to my site http://devseverywhere1.boards.net/

oh by the way
a would like have some help with artists and coders

Listen, this is the problem: You asked for help, but you didn’t say in which way do we help you exactly.

I can help with the events in this concept, and also grammar and spell checking. By the way you should say it like this:
“Well, thank you too, Wave”.
Capitalize the first letter in first word in the sentence and the first letter in names. Nope, I can’t program. Still learning.

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@thewickman12332 honestly, if you want help then you have come to the wrong place… you either need your own skills or find some SKILLLED people somewhere else on the internet. This community isn’t made of game devs, aspiring game devs for the moment maybe, but no really established game devs (apart from GHG themselves, and maybe a odd one or two people that made some awesome mods for GDT) I can’t recommend anywhere or anything to help you find the right people, but i can assure you, you most likely won’t find the right people here.

(this wasn’t meant to put a bee in anyone’s bonnet, it’s the truth)

Thread Clean up :angry:

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gg charlie

i reamber you Individual how are you