Game #2? Game #2!


Not necessarily, no. I’m not getting hyped yet though, cause that’s how to get disappointed.


Yeah, I guess your right.
It’s like No Man’s Sky all over again I it didn’t live up to expectations.


We don’t know that tavern keeper will disappoint yet, I have at least some faith in greenheart games, unlike hello games.


You don’t have to worry. The respect of our players and fans is way more important than a cheap headline. Things can change all the time in development but IMO Hello Games played an entirely different strategy. They must have known that the idea they sold was nowhere near what the game actually was (at least closer to release). Anyway, we tried really hard to avoid listing wish-list features and future promises on our announcement for that reason.

Every model you see, every animation, everything in the screenshots really does exist in the alpha and the feature list is based on real features too.


If that’s the case that’s a very robust alpha!


yeah i am died…