Future Games? Possibly more "Tycoon" games

Recently finished Game Dev Tycoon my high score was 21,568,169 (#ACHIEVEMENT!). Apart from looking for additional Easter eggs you guys put in, my interest in GDT (Game Dev Tycoon) is peaked and I was just wondering if you could make any more new (and hopefully as interesting) games here in Greenheart.

If not well I guess I have no jurisdiction over that now do I? But hopefully you guys can generate a 10/10 game (or even an 11/10 like GDT) and I hope you do it SOON! Because I can’t wait what AWESOMENESS of a game Greenheart is coming up next.

Hopefully you (Greenheart Games) will respond to this message (which might seem like a long shot) just to satisfy our curiosity.

Much Love
~Fan boy no. 987134552

You may want to have a look at this topic.

It’s not much to go on, but that’s all that’s known so far.

Thank you.