F2P games or P2P and even P2W games

Just some idea that I just thought and wanted to share… when u make the MMO games there should be a section where you choose how the game will be and it can make a lot difference what do you put… do u put P2P like Blizzard did with WoW, or do you put it like F2P WITH in-game shop so that they pay for items in Item mall and that’s how you get money back for your company that also goes for P2W games… P2W games can be free but if it’s good they can upgrade their accounts and have more quests and so on… also when u make the MMO after people buy the game there will also be a chart on how much there are players playing the game, also shrinking like buying chart, and after time game can shut down, BUT if the game is good and they request patches with new things, game can still last then the chart will decrease slower or even go up… :smile:
it would be great if you had someone in the company that you can hire to play and stream games then people can donate money and that would be a great marketing move while creating game, you know in beta phase and when the actual game comes out… like a tutorial for the new games… Well that’s it from me, my well of ideas just went dry for a little bit… but typed a LOT, so I will understand if you don’t read it all… Thank you for those who read it… say GDT if u read it… :wink:

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