Do you like Turn-Based or Real-Time Strategy more?

Just a random question for you guys. Tell us what you like more.

I like Turn-Based Strategy more :wink:

It depends, but turn based mostly

Real-Time Strategy is certainly more challenging to me most probably but I’m gonna have to go with TBSs because they’re cool.

Real-Time, for the sh1t

I prefer Turn-Based, but I like both!

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You should post a poll at top:

  • Turn-based Strategy
  • Real-time Strategy

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I can enjoy both (if well made ofc), but I prefer TBS (I think)

That was an idea I had in mind, but I like to hear a discussion about it, not just a poll.

I played Smite and League of Legends but I didn’t like them, I had more fun with games like XCOM or Democracy 3.

Civilization V for the win! :wink:

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All I want is a non-buggy Total War.

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I crie evertiem :cry:

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