Cracked Game Measures With Paid Game


I confess. I first downloded the cracked version, but I wantes to play it so I actually bought it. I really did. I finished one run and in my Piracy run I’m getting the “Our games are getting cracked. We’ll go bankrupt” screen. Is this a bug or…?


Well this is related to a similar topic i helped out with but mainly this could be because when you uninstall something you still have the file until you defragment your hard drive(Most of the time) and this occurs alot with games. So basically there is almost no fix for this unless you transfer you files off your phone(I mean ALL of them) except for the GDT game files and then delete that on the pc using a USB to phone or whatever its called.So i mean yeaaaaa its kinda complicated. I THINK




Could you try the following procedure:

  • Remove the game from your Android device
  • Delete cached app data (via settings)
  • Delete any save games from Google Cloud
  • Reinstall the game from the Google Play Store
  • Play the game (and make sure you are still logged into the Google Play Store app with the same user that you used to purchase the game)

Please let me know if that helps!

Bug or not? i bought the game

just curious,did my suggestion help?


I am yet to try your solution, Avectus. I want to try all the simpld ones before doing yours. No offense, it’s just quite long. I’ll let you know!



Bug or not? i bought the game