Console / Game sales ratio

Hey everyone,

It is pretty weird to see the numbers in this screenshot

My MMO has been sold over 205 billion times.
So what you say? This means every single person on earth would have purchased my MMO roughly / = 29 times.
Every single person on earth owns 29copies of my MMO… Doesn’t really seem legit.

We aren’t even calculating the fact that the console it was made on has only been sold 9.2m times.
That means that, if everybody possessin my console, owns more than 22k copies of my MMO…

You could say “everybody just buys the expansion packs you’re making” but obviously I haven’t made 22k expansion pack. :page_facing_up:

I reckon a limit to the sales & a more logical ratio should be set, which will also give you a reason to actually eventually take your precious MMO off the market… They’re VERY OP after all.


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