Becoming a publisher + game development, G3 and Online features

The game is really good, for real, but still, after 30 years it is VERY boring, the game is too short.
Plus, the game is so linear it makes the experience bad, you need to come up with ideas to make it less linear.

I say, you can get a publisher and make it so much better!

And now let’s talk about some of my ideas to add to the game;
Let’s say, after 25 years, you have about 30 games, you become a large company with lab,
research team and all of that, BUT, in this game, you’re still have only what, 8 people you work with?
it’s kind of a joke? you have console on the market, and only several workers on game,
I say, you could add a feature to purchase studios, it would make the game almost perfect to be publisher
And just when you’re becoming a publisher, then you could develop a console.

Online feature - if you can (I guess that for this you will need publisher) every studio of bankrupt other real player, you could buy, or ask people who are online and have a great studio to buy the studio and ask
them for games like they are really yours, people could quit, and you could hire people - real people,
playing online.
How does it gonna work? talented people will get more points and level up by every good game they release - for this, you should improve the game development stages, adding more and more features to choose, and not just sitting there waiting to time to past and see bubbles pops up.
You should also improve the development of engines, and again, people just sitting there,
waiting to time to past and all they see is bubbles pops up,
And then, publisher comes, you can develop for your studios engines while they’re doing something else.
You coud also improve the quality of AAA games by letting studios work together,
X studio will work on Stage Dev 1, Y studio on Stage 2 and Z on 3.
ONLINE FEATURE - will be real great, especially with help from good publisher,
and the way I see it, online feature will bring the game to the top.

Now, to the G3 thing, as a large stand in it, you can show only your game! which is very weird.
As a publisher, you get to choose what you can show, even to announce early on your console,
Or on buying studio and more things.

Plus, you should make the options for make like a… mini company of yours or something like that,
I mean, EA have EA Sports, then something like that.


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