About your great idea in the game

Hi GreenHeartGames!
Our names are: Ilay, Shahaf, and Or, and we had a school assiangment about Human Rights.
We had a hard times about trying to think about a Right being hurt, so we had associations conversation, and I got the idea about your anti-piracy move.
We thoght about it a little-bit, and we found your move as the right thing to do. For our opinions, you guys were a bit soft, while you could plant files who takes the people IP-Adress and go to the court with it.
For conclusion, we want to thank you for the awesome game of yours, and for the oprotunity for us to do our assiangment.

Hi guys, while your intentions are great, there’s already a few threads discussing the anti-piracy measures used in the game, so we ask you to please use the thread below to talk about it.


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