A list of New or Enhanced features

Below is a list of a few new and a few enhanced features i think would be a fun addition to this already AMAZING game!
Keep up the great work Greenheart!!

  1.  **Change the entire game UI/Theme** and maybe functionality according to the in-game timeline or technologies researched.

Example: Allow to save a game in real life only after researched in the game.
Example: Start the UI/Theme of the game with 8bit graphics and 8bit sounds and per timeline progress change to better graphics and sound in real life.
2. Competing gaming companies – insert real milestones and games from real historical companies (and new invented ones) which cause a genre hype or cause less/more earnings for the player’s games in the same category. – Compete with the player
3. Monthly magazine reports – show a nice UI from a gaming magazine with the top gaming companies; the Top Releases; the top cash earners; the worst games…etc.
4. Easter eggs – a certain combination of game parameters from a real world game that will cause a game to hit the jackpot.
Example: if a game is called Civilization, released around the real game release timeframe, with the same platform/genre – would cause significant hype and earnings
5. Allowing different developers to work independently on different games
6. Showing a developer’s values per knowledge area (design, speed, research etc.) – When clicked on the developer for actions, also display the proficiency stats so the player can make an educated decision who to fire for example. – currently this is shown only during training or via a sub menu under Staff.
7. Add new roles to the team
UI = affects increase/decrease in design/graphics/UX ;
Project = affects increase/decrease in timelines/budget;
Product = affects increase/decrease in design, components & features;
QA = affects increase/decrease in quality/bugs/stability/support

  1. Different development methodologies can be researched and used to improve quality, time to market and other areas – Waterfall, Scrum , Agile, Kanban, Crowdsourcing/funding/ Outsource
  2. The ability to port a game to multiple platforms – after researching this it would require an addition of time/budget to port the game to additional platforms.
  3. Auto generate Game name button (just in case I don’t feel like making them up anymore) – this can cause some hilarious reactions and memories!
  4. In game Virtual money or DLC or retro archived games to create additional income based on small royalties

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