A lengthy list of suggestions from a big fan and others

First off I want to say that I really like this game I think it has a lot of ambition and literally from the second I saw it on steam greenlight I knew that I wanted to buy it. This is a series of suggestions from myself a fan from before release and the ideas for suggestions that I saw around the forum and thought were also good.

Obviously the game is a bit simplistic, but it still is vastly entertaining. Some things I think they should change/improve on:

  • Reviewers suggest what you could improve on/ what you did wrong
  • A more sophisticated system for calculating a games value; more
    depth/variables etc. since this is probably a common suggestion I
    won’t go into how since I’m pretty sure they have a good idea of what
    they want to do for this.
  • Earlier sequels, earlier access to MMO ability
  • Being able to have an R&D & hardware dept. at any point (obviously
    you risk bankruptcy by trying for it too early on, but that should
    be your decision).
  • R&D should be more vital to your company once it takes roots and gets
    staff (even though it would be small).
  • MMO’s should be nerfed a bit, even my lame ones gave me a shit ton of
    money and my good one profited me well over 1 billion in about eight
  • Multi-genre games.
  • More categories and Genres.
  • Descriptions for tech and what it does specifically (especially the graphics how do i know the diff between 3d v1 and 2).
  • Being able to see the details on older games (sliders, tech used, who did what,
  • Larger team sizes
  • Take loans from banks whenever.
  • Different difficulty settings
  • Certain techs don’t work with certain platforms, i.e. mouses with
    gamelings etc.
  • Game engine updates for smaller techs
  • Skill increases for staff as they work (training should still be
    relevant, but getting no skills after make 80 games is dumb).
  • Instead of just getting pop ups all the time you should have a
    mailbox you need to check.
  • Grey out employees who are on vacation/in training when in dev
  • More save slots.
  • Ability to change how fast the game runs.
  • Don’t take your console off the pay line the second you launch a new
  • Start whenever you want in either mode (see 18).
  • popular games should sell longer and you should be able to determine
    how much a game sells for.
  • Give games/engines longer names, if it’s a problem with how they line
    up on screen then just make it trail off like so “Super Amazing
    Ultimate Figh…”.

Some things I think they should add into the game:

  1. Showing how much you are competing with your dev/hardware
    counterparts and making it a challenge.
  2. Ability to develop DLC.
  3. Micro-transactions as a technology.
  4. Development kits as a technology.
  5. Employees don’t get auto raise, you decide what their paid and they
    have a happiness level that is affected by this and what games you
    make (related to 9)
  6. Buying and Selling of Licenses (maybe your studio is down and needs
    cash to stay afloat, so you sell a popular license and if your doing
    well perhaps you see another studio is struggling and want to buy
    theirs and negotiate with them. Alternatively there could be a
    market panel of licenses to buy and sell if the negotiation feature
    is too complex.)
  7. More depth into sales, tech, relations with publishers (being able
    to negotiate with them, however futile it may be), partnering with a
    publisher. More depth into Grid (aka your pc gaming network).
  8. The ability to have multiple teams in one company (and team leaders) and to have them
    work independently of each other (If you release an MMO you’ll
    probably need a dedicated team for that.)
  9. Your staff have favorites/opinions on games/tech and this can sway their
    opinion on certain features such as the following 2 suggestions.
  10. Staff suggest what is popular in the market and what to make for
    games/other company decisions.
  11. When you adjust sliders for different sections of the game you get
    opinions from your staff (and possibly self thoughts) which tell
    you what you’re losing or gaining by adjusting that slide.
  12. Multiple platforms for games.
  13. debugging as a skill and tester as a specialization.
  14. Fans suggest what games you should make.
  15. Dividing game development into Alpha and Beta stages.
  16. Beta testing (options for paid and unpaid) with effects such as
    more hype, bug improvement, but costing more money.
  17. DRM options with pro/con effects and piracy effects throughout the game that might push you into DRM.
  18. A historic mode (basically what they have now) and an Infinite mode which instead of trying to recreate gaming history, it makes up devs, publishers and tech into infinity (or for as long as feasibly possible) for the purposes of longer gameplay.
  19. More in depth into sales with options such as collectors edition (as a tech) that might include things like soundtrack (sales tech) and game art (tech)
  20. Aborting games whenever and pausing their production with associated effects like hype decrease/loss of fans.
  21. Putting a release date on a game and the ability to push it back with associated effects.
  22. New Custom Hardware like Toy Gun, Guitar, Fitness Gear (wii sports), Arcade
  23. More choices with campaign options.
  24. Ability to make other media based on your game (TV, comics, etc.)
  25. Instead of funding it yourself or from a publisher allow an option that lets you start it from something like kickstarter.
  26. Ability to have your own gaming magazine and merchandise.
  27. Ability to License your gaming engine for royalties.
  28. Ability to make games of pop culture franchises (star wars etc.)
  29. Ability to research languages as a tech and making multi-lingual games.
  30. Different Fan levels with different Fan levels (i.e. New Strategy fan, Dedicated Casual (the genre) fan, Harcore RPG fan)
  31. Having when you release a consoles and games matter in reference to the market and other releases.
  32. Have a PR dept.
  33. Ability to have your own site as a PR option.
  34. Motion sensor as a tech.
  35. Setting min and req specs for computer games (I’m not saying this has to be ultra detailed low end, mid, high end would be better than nothing).
  36. When you put tech into a slider type, have a slider for the amount of effort you put into that tech.
  37. Comedy as a tech for dialogues (I think most can agree borderlands 2 gets points for it’s funny story writing).

Greenheart staff, I’m not expecting you to put all of this shit into your update obviously, but do take a look if you would I hope it gives you ideas and perhaps you can add more on in future updates if you feel it’s feasible and proficient. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

P.S. I know the numbering is off IDKWTF happened.

P.P.S. No my name and avatar are not related to the company it’s been my tumblr name and icon for a while.


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