A couple of my ideas

Hey GreenHeartGames, I would like to say, great game! But I feel some things are missing. Here are a couple of my ideas that should be considered in my opinion:

  • Players can create trailers for their games

  • More detailed booths and more booths at G3

  • More offices and more customization to them

  • Available to make updates for games after they’ve been released

  • Some say in creating the cover art for games

  • Multi-platform games

  • A longer game (35 years felt pretty short and tedious)

  • Unlocks available after high score is recorded

  • Reviews with some helpful feedback

  • To team up with other companies

  • An actual story that ends with multiple endings

  • More information on the categories (World design, story/quests, etc.)

  • More customization and creation to your character

  • Net worth of the company

Those are my ideas, thanks! :smile:

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