[REL] Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon

Thank you for this mod!!!

And if you have time to help me with coding that would be awesome, i know javascript it just…how to put it all into a game, thanks for this mod tho i am going to have a lot of fun with it

~Best part is setting your own price for games

Hi, can I install this mod with the non-Steam version? thanks


thx, but how? I dont see a tutorial for non steam version or maybe I dont see how

What OS are you using

I try it but I get an error:

Error: Could not load mod one of the scripts
mods/gdt-modAPI/helpers/checks.js,mods/gdt-modAPI/api/persit is missing or invalid

(sorry I cant reply more)

Go to computer then select your Hard drive the go into the Program Files (x86) then in there is a folder called Game Dev Tycoon go to that then go to the mods folder and you install the mods in there

When i get to Y27 M6 W3. Get an error and the game gets stuck

Nobody ever had this issue before you it’s a problem on your end. It might be caused by a different mod and/or you have done something wrong to cause the game crashing. Try reloading the game.

there is nothing new under the sun :sunrise:

@DzjengisKhan Hey dude ! I use your mod for a long time now, and as the french translation of the game will soon be finished, I was wondering if you could let me translate it in french. Of course I would not release it myself, but send it translated to you.
Best regards

You’re allowed to translate the mod to French if you want. We most likely will not update anymore on the Expansion Pack so there will not have to be more updates on the translation. You can send it to us when you’re done. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So why did you guys decide to stop modding? Seemed to be going very well form what i can see. Did you guys just get bored of it?

@Venomous, this happened.

Congrats to 30K views :slight_smile: The most viewed thread on this forum!


@yutterh, Well a bit of both actually. I was getting a bit bored of modding, but that was probably caused by @Venomous stealing my code. And after he got band and everything settled, I never got the motivation back to pick up modding again.

@alphabit, thank mate!! I would never thought the mod would became so huge :smiley: And I really think you’re doing an amazing job on mods and deserve the same amount of views ^^


Please @DzjengisKhan return modding :smile:

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@DzjengisKhan Ever since you quit modding, I started to doubt myself as a Game modder… If you are truly NEVER returning to modding, Give someone else the rights to edit and update this mod. I want to see this thing through… ever since we made the first version… and you quitting on this… It makes it feel wrong to use it.

Question, is Grapple supposed to release their computer in the first Year or is that bug? :? I’m a bit new to Game Dev, and its mods. :'D

@ronx46 You’re still free to use it, otherwise DzjengisKhan would’ve deleted the download link. He will only be more happy if you use it then if you don’t, even because he stopped modding (for now).

@SMAK Yes, it is supposed to be released in the first year of your new playthrough/save. :wink: