Anyone play Rocket League?

Bought the game today, anyone want to play?

Even if people had the game, some of them wouldn’t be able to play with you as they may be in a different continent which means they’ll be on a different server.

I’d play but my computer’s broken
@ShadowedDeath you can choose what server you use :stuck_out_tongue:

However if you don’t choose your home one, it can be very laggy.

True, but where’s your sense of adventure, man? You gotta try things!

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I don’t have it anyway lol.

It’s good, I have it on PS4, which is cross play with PC iirc.

I’ve played it on my friends PS4, and I didn’t think it was worth buying for mine.

Oh well, I still enjoy it - maybe it’s to do with the fact that I got it with PS Plus.

most people here are from europe: @crumpdev, @Rex0099, @KizzaGaming, @Haxor, @Lukas_Schuurman


@Today, Europe for the win!

Europe more like eurnope huehuehue


I’m having a few issues with it atm, the game is stuttering like mad even on low settings :confused: